Evaluation and Analysis Award Shortlist

An Innovative Civil Service

Asylum and Protection Transformation Evaluation

Home Office

Zoe and her Asylum Research and Evaluation team have developed a novel monitoring and evaluation approach to be able to capture the impacts and outcomes of the Home Office’s Asylum and Transformation Programme. Working in close collaboration with the programme team and using graphical programme mapping, nested theories of change and concepts from medical evaluation, they have brought clarity to a complex programme of change and established a monitoring and evaluation approach which will enable clear insights into effective change and wider consequences for systems and individuals.

Connectivity and Planning

Department for Transport (DfT)

The Model of Connectivity is an innovative new model that now enables us to provide a holistic view of how well people can get to where they need to go. For 180,000 output areas in E&W it measures how easy it is to get to jobs, services, retail and each other. This combines novel methodology, massive datasets, and is scaled on the cloud to perform trillions of calculations.

This new insight is transformational for our ability to measure levelling-up and sustainability; e.g: measuring the impact of potential infrastructure investments, or identifying ideal locations for housing developments with sustainable travel options.

Testing Team

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)

On 15 August 2020, ministers commissioned UKHSA to establish a SARS-CoV-2 test development and evaluation programme.

An expert multi-disciplinary scientific team delivered this work and evaluated 187 Antigen Lateral Flow Devices (LFD), enabling introduction of the world’s first COVID-19 self-test and deployment of 2.5bn LFDs reducing transmission of the virus and saving lives. 

The process has created a playbook for the evaluation and innovation of diagnostic tests for new threats, strengthening our future pandemic preparedness. UKHSA continues to evaluate new diagnostics for emerging pathogens and analyse real-world data from existing tests in a constant cycle of evaluation, iteration, and improvement.