Citizenship Award

The Nominees

Volunteering Award- Catherine Ramsay

Catherine Ramsay

Home Office |

Catherine has offered an excellent level of support in her role as Autism Champion. Catherine was responsible for suggesting and establishing the Autism Buddy Support Group for staff. The group provides staff with the opportunity to be able to talk to each other informally in a confidential and non-judgemental atmosphere and the group has the support of all Senior Managers across Liverpool estate. The group also has staff members from other government departments attending including DWP and HMRC and Catherine co-hosts the group each month and has provided support and advice to people on the spectrum themselves, parents and managers alike. Catherine has offered advice on different methods of support that are available to carers in addition to increasing general awareness. Feedback from attendees has been positive and many parents have said that meeting Catherine and seeing how Catherine has succeeded in gaining employment and living independently, has given them hope for their own children.

James Johnson

James Johnson

Department for Work and Pensions |

James founded a voluntary organisation to bring digital skills to small charities for free. These skills include service design, web design, graphic design, content design, user research, coding and digital marketing. They are all specialist skills that aren’t commonly found in charities and smaller charities don’t have the budgets to bring digital experts in to help them – they have more important things to spend their money on. James persuaded 85 people from the design community, from 13 cities, to volunteer their professional skills to charity. These volunteers range from expert digital leaders to design students looking to learn from experience and build their portfolios. James – in his spare time with a budget of zero – acts as a broker to connect these volunteers with charities across the country. Volunteers help charities solve problems, improve the services they provide and generally help them make a bigger impact on the people who rely on them. As well as connecting other volunteers with charities, James takes on more than his fair share of projects where he volunteers personally.
James’ work has already inspired people in the Australian and Ukrainian digital communities to start similar enterprises in their countries too


Steven Jewitt-Fleet

Steven Jewitt-Fleet

Department for International Trade |

Steven is an extraordinary LGBT role model for school children. He is Stonewall’s longest standing non-celeb school role model. Over the last five years, he has dedicated huge amounts of his own time to speak to over 8,000 children in 30 schools from Newcastle to Plymouth about what it means to be LGBT and how LGBT people can lead fulfilling lives. For many children, he will be the first LGBT person they have ever met and has dispelled many of the playground myths that can so often manifest themselves in the form of bullying and abuse. Not only has Steven changed the perceptions of thousands of school children, he has also been an exemplary ambassador for the Civil Service and its values.

Collaboration Award

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The Nominees

Communities for Work and Parents, Childcare & Employment Programme Team

Communities for Work and Parents, Childcare & Employment Programme Team

Welsh Government |

Community-based employability programmes working with the hardest to reach individuals in society was developed and established. Based on excellent evaluations of previous programmes, negotiations were successful in achieving a combination of resources, skills, knowledge and expertise to develop the Communities for Work and the Parents, Childcare and Employment programmes. The programmes’ joint Strategic Board was established with membership from Welsh Government, DWP, WLGA, third sector and the WEFO. It provides multi-agency, strategic and collaborative oversight to ensure both programmes are delivering to maximum effect to tackle poverty through sustainable employment. This unique cross Government approach has been instrumental in securing over £85m to deliver CfW and PaCE across Wales driving better outcomes for individuals and communities

Future Frigate Campaign Team, UK and Australia

Future Frigate Campaign Team, UK and Australia

Department for International Trade |

This nomination is for the cross-Whitehall team that campaigned successfully for BAE Systems to win the Australian Future Frigate Contract, worth £20billion. This team included many
individuals from DSO (DIT), MOD, FCO and Cabinet Office, as well as key players within BAES in the UK and Australia.

This team worked together in an innovative and collaborative way, breaking down barriers between departments and with industry. This contract, to design and build nine new frigates in Australia, is one of the biggest in the world and the second largest in Australia’s history. Success, announced in June 2018, came against strong Spanish and Italian competition, and was a boost for ‘Global Britain’. It secured BAES as Australia’s ship-building partner for the next 40 years; and is a big step forward in the UK-Australia strategic relationship.

Collaboration Awards- Scottish General Medical Services

Scottish General Medical Services Contract Negotiation Team

Scottish Government |

The first entirely Scottish GP contract came into effect on 1 April 2018. The £900 million contract covers 950 GP practices providing around 25 million healthcare interactions every year. This complex and critical contract was negotiated over three years by a small team of Scottish Government (SG) civil servants and seconded professional advisers, working with a small team of British Medical Association negotiators.

The contract was not only negotiated in a uniquely collaborative way but for the first time it empowers all of Scotland’s 4500 GPs to work collaboratively across statutory and third sectors to improve the health of Scotland’s population.

The SG team approached the negotiations in a distinctively non-adversarial and collaborative way that broke down long-standing barriers.The teams successfully identified their joint
interest in solving the fundamental, structural problems affecting healthcare in Scotland and committed to work together to deliver. The negotiations were a success, which has been
widely acknowledged, with the lessons on negotiation and policy skills already being spread to good effect across the Scottish Government and wider public sector.

Commercial Award

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The Nominees

Commercial Award - Commercial team people and locations programme

Commercial Team, People and Locations Programme

Department for Work and Pensions |

The People and Locations Programme was a pioneering Programme that simultaneously exited a 20-year PFI contract; delivered over 650 new leases and six commercial contracts; delivering fundamental changes to the DWP Estate. The Programme will generate savings of £1.4bn to the exchequer, yet the service to society’s most vulnerable people was neither disrupted nor compromised. The commercial part of the Programme was led by Irene Masterton. Irene developed and introduced a new, innovative yet commercially advantageous Estates Target Operating Model. Working closely with stakeholders to develop the strategy, she procured new suppliers and managed the new model transition. The challenge of moving from a single PFI supplier to an integrated management supplier chain with an overarching management contract was both complex and complicated. That it was delivered to time with no major operational issues at the contract cut-over is testament to the diligence of the team.

Crown Hosting

Crown Hosting

Crown Commercial Service |

A partnership between Crown Commercial Service, GDS, Cabinet Office and a high tech SME is changing the way the public sector securely stores its data - supporting the delivery of efficient, effective public services, from modestly-sized local government bodies to big departments. Technology parks in Wiltshire and Hampshire house data storage facilities run by Crown Hosting Data Centres – initially established by the Cabinet Office and Government Digital Service (GDS) in March 2015. Public bodies procure storage space in the facilities through a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) procurement framework – utilising the combined purchasing power of large central government departments and the wider public sector to deliver a groundbreaking, best value and highly secure solution with huge potential for upscaling.

The facilities provide secure data storage to some of the largest government departments, as well as an increasing number of local councils, blue light agencies and NHS Trusts -delivering significant end-user benefits on cost and service quality while ensuring that public sector data is protected by the latest in energy efficient,sustainable and secure technology

TB Reactor Removal Retender Working Group

Tuberculosis Reactor Removal Retender Working Group

Animal and Plant Health Agency |

The Tuberculosis (TB) Reactor Removal Retender Working Group was assembled with multi-disciplinary representatives from nine different teams across APHA to review and retender the previous Framework which was universally agreed as being not fit-for-purpose and a significant delivery and resilience risk by APHA, Defra Policy, industry partners and our suppliers. The working group convened in January 2017 and began an extensive review to overhaul the TB reactor removal system and operational delivery. This review process involved significant engagement activity with Defra and Welsh Government policy teams, the FSA,TB eradication groups across the country, veterinary industry groups and our supplier network, all of whom provided their unequivocal support to the working group’s final proposals for the new tender.

A new Framework was successfully tendered and implemented from 4th December 2017 and is now being effectively managed by a network of supplier liaison officers within APHA, realising significant commercial and operational benefit.

Communication & Engagement Award

Developing People Award

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The Nominees

HMRC Digital Ambassadors

HMRC Digital Ambassadors

HM Revenue & Customs |

Digital Ambassadors (DAs) are HMRC’s most successful empowerment programme; made up of volunteers from different grades and business areas across the UK and who spend 10% of their FTE carrying out the role. They are committed, enthusiastic and offer hands on coaching to help colleagues improve their digital capability, encouraging new ways of working by exploiting tools and technology which add business value and improves customer service.

The network started small with only eight people in November 2015, however, thecommunity now stands at 1594 and currently have a recruitment campaign underway. DA’s are making a huge difference in helping HMRC meet its ‘Building our Future’ ambitions during HMRC’s transition to Regional Centres and in helping staff improve their digital capability.

The DA’s are a strong and passionate community with an appetite for digital learning.

The Skills Award- International Trade Profession Team

International Trade Profession Team

Department for International Trade |


In eight short months – from initial concept design, product development and launch of the new International Trade Profession, the 28th Civil Service Profession, the team has delivered:

• A profession with 2500 members from almost 25 departments and ALBs, including HMA and HMTC teams;
• 12 Heads of Profession in departments who are championing embedding good practices on trade capability across HM Government;
• A range of Profession Products designed to invest in our people now and for the future, including a new Trade Curriculum, bringing together trade policy & negotiations and trade promotion L&D; Professional Standards; Career Profiles design to inspire and assist staff in mapping their trade development and trade careers; and a Networking Programme
designed to embed future talent.


STEM Futures Team

STEM Futures Team

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory |

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Futures is scheme designed by a collaboration of partners across Government, Industry and Academia. Together they are building a talent programme to address skills and experience gaps in STEM disciplines across the Defence Enterprise. This is a cost neutral scheme: sharing expertise, time and resource. They are building deliberate dependencies between partner organisations, so that each will specialise in developing different skills for their combined workforces.

This scheme is designed to develop technical leadership. They are targeting niche and scarce skills areas so as not to replicate generic programmes in existence.


Digital Award

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The Nominees

HMPO Digital Customer Services Team

HMPO Digital Customer Services Team

Home Office |

HM Passport Office’s (HMPO) Digital Customer Services (DCS) project team headed by Neil Carne is leading the way for Government Digital services by delivering an online application service for all customers who want to apply for, renew or replace a passport. This means that the application, photo, payment and follow up notifications are all done via digital means,ultimately leading to shorter processing times, decreased costs (which are passed on to the customer) and allowing application progress tracking; enabling queries to be resolved quicker.

The service was launched in June 2016 and to maximise benefits to customers the service is being developed and rolled out incrementally to certain applicant types. Since then the service has expanded to enable several customer groups to renew their passport online, and earlier this month reached a significant milestone of having processed 2 million applications.

DCS allows for the provision of a 24/7 service, negates the need to write cheques and removes the requirement for customers to physically sign a declaration. In addition to this, it provides the facility to either take and submit your own photograph on personal devices or upload a photo-booth photo to the application using a code.

HMPPS Digital

HMPPS Digital

Ministry of Justice |

HMPPS Digital wanted to take control of, and modernise our technology, exiting expensive suppliers. They replaced seldom updated, fit for no one technology, with crisp modern, joined up services built around user needs. New services with the same speed, reliability, look and feel we experience applying for passports, or registering to vote. Delivering probation services through outsourced supplier models, prisons at capacity, new psychoactive substances, more violence and fewer people to deliver with, are among the challenges HMPPS faced.

  • Brilliant Basics - modernising aging equipment making services robust, reliable and better for users Cheaper – building digital capability, moving technology into the cloud. Rapid,  controlled delivery, saving over £10m last year with more to come
  •  Personal –  bringing data and systems together with simple, modern, digital services designed for and by users
  •  Impactful – giving people time back to do the jobs they were hired for. From court, in communities, prison to joined up services on release
  •  Innovative - in-cell education and self service for offenders, handheld devices for prison officers, modern tools deployed in probation, used over 2.5m times in the first 2 months.
David Award- MOT reminder service

MOT Reminder Service

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency 

 The DVSA MOT digital project team are responsible for facilitating the national MOT scheme, supporting the agency’s vision of “safer vehicles and safer journeys for all”.

Underpinning DVLA’s online car tax service, DVSA provides key data (MOT results) to enable the collection of £6.5 billion in car tax. DVSA provide a digital service for entering MOT results; used by 23,000 garages, supporting 42 million MOT tests per year, generating over £1 billion for the economy.

Data analysis identified non-compliance with the annual MOT policy, with up to 25% of motorists being late. The team introduced two free services supporting greater compliance with
policy and strategic objectives; the MOT history and the MOT reminder services are seen as an exemplar by GDS, utilising agile at-scale, and blended in-house and vendor delivery teams, across the UK and EU.

Diversity & Inclusion Award

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The Nominees

Kate Abbott - Cabinet Secretary Award

Kate Abbott

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government |

“Before Kate started this work, there was notgenerally a high level of awareness of mental health issues across the department. Now so many more people are aware of these conditions and thinking about how they can build an inclusive environment. Kate has been vital in breaking down the stigma of mental health in the department and making it a much more supportive environment.” – MHCLG staff member

“Kate has not only initiated it all, but at the same time is herself a mental health ambassador,personally replying to emails and helps others despite all the other things that she’s moving forward. She is a role model for many in the department.” – MHCLG staff and Wellbeing Champion

“I found the Mental Health training course that Kate ran incredibly useful. Her enthusiasm has not only inspired me to become a Mental Health Ambassador but has given me additional confidence to be able to offer support outside of the workplace.” – MHCLG staff and Mental Health Ambassador

“Kate has inspired so many people in the department – including myself – to take mental health at work seriously. There has been a real change in the mood within MHCLG in recent years, and I think Kate has had a huge part to play in that.” – MHCLG Wellbeing Network

Durham and Tees Valley Jobcentre Plus. Support for Schools Team - Disability Award

Durham and Tees Valley Jobcentre Plus. Support for Schools Team

Department for Work and Pensions |

When the team first started working with Special Schools they were warmly welcomed, since the schools recognised that their preparing for adulthood work offered little preparation
for employment. The Health and Work agenda and the new Careers Strategy has changed the thinking on this. The expectation is now that with support the vast majority of people are capable of some form of meaningful employment and should be assisted to do so. Working with Special Schools throughout the district the team have introduced over 20 employers to Special Schools which has led to more informed students, employer site visits, work placements and even job offers. They have introduced a similar number of providers who have offered a range of activities and opportunities ranging from enterprise and social action activities to team building. They have also used their creativity to design and deliver a wide range of bespoke employability sessions including specialist autism aware symbols to exemplify points.

They have also supported enterprise activities and prepared participants for work experience. The team have helped coordinate Work Skills Days where a number of local employers and providers ran sessions to give learners a taste of different work sectors. These were very well received by learners and parents and allowed the employers to see just how employable this group of learners are. All employers left with smiles on their faces and have maintained contact with the schools.

The Suffrage Centenary Volunteer Team - Gender Equality Award

Suffrage Centenary Volunteer Team

Various |

In a campaign which spans a year, but looking much further into the future regarding gender equality, the current reach of the Suffrage Centenary Volunteer Team has already exceeded expectations.

They have:
• Developed a newsletter to reach over 700
• Attended over 450 conferences
• The UK Suffrage flag has visited over 37
locations, and the Global Suffrage Flag has
travelled to over 23 locations world wide.

Due to the hard work of the team, Due to the hard work of the team, Wilton Park have pledged for gender parity at their conferences, the Environment Agency continue
to organise joint events with their local crossgovernment women’s network partners, the pensions regulator are talking about how they can address the gender pay gap and looking out to their local community. These are just a few of the many great outcomes in the journey towards gender equality.

The national black crown prosecution association - LGBTI Award

The National Black Crown Prosecution Association

Crown Prosecution Service |

The National Black Crown Prosecution Association (NBCPA) and the CPS LGBT Network hosted a conference on ‘Race, Culture, Religion and their impact on access to justice for Black Asian and Ethnic Minority LGBTI people. It was the first of its kind and over 100 delegates attended the event, half of whom were members of the BAME LGBTI community and CJS partners from across the UK. The event was supported by a holistic cross section of Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic LGBTI people and groups, as well as Stonewall, GALUP, NAZ & Dave.

Tendai Trafford - Race Award

Tendai Trafford

Health and Safety Executive |

Tendai identified the gap in inclusive recruitment, positively collaborated with others, influenced and inspired colleagues, internalising true civil service values and competencies and modelled these for others. He was empowered by HSE to bring his whole identity to the workplace which positively impacted on his own performance and self actualisation whilst enhancing the working environment for others from BAME backgrounds.

The initiative has helped more inclusive recruitment practices and fostered closer collaborative working between other departments and equality networks. On an operational level, Tendai has helped to galvanise the networks and influence other talented BAME colleagues to embrace opportunities to fulfil their potential.

As a result HSE launched the first BAME recruitment campaign in its history, which resulted in an increase in recruitment from BAME backgrounds.

The Diversity and Inclusion Awards- Charlotte Dring

Charlotte Dring

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government |

The impact of Charlotte’s leadership was shown in the growth of the Cross Government Social Mobility Network from zero to 130 members and 10 new social mobility networks in Departments, in just over a year. Charlotte exudes passion for social mobility, and as a volunteer, has worked incredibly hard to build a sustainable network which she handed over to a new lead, and continues to mentor her successor.

Under Charlotte’s leadership, a northern hub of the Cross Government Social Mobility Network was created called Nexus, to join together social mobility networks in the north and recognise the importance of not being London centric. This is a triumph to Charlotte’s leadership and the volunteers she worked with.

MoJ Digital & Technology Normalising Group - Employee Network Award

MoJ Digital & Technology Normalising Group

Ministry of Justice |

The group have done fantastic work, in increasing their representation of women from 25% to 32%, representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people increasing from
8% to 19% of the directorate. Their LGBTQ and allies community encouraged declaration of sexuality and they have gone from 3% to 6% of the directorate openly identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or other.

Health & Well Being Award

The Nominees

Health and Wellbeing Award - 2018

A to Z to Better Wellbeing Team

Various | 

Team Chaffinch, is made up of eight civil servants and aspiring junior leaders across government departments who met in June 2017 at CS Local ESEL Junior Leadership Academy as part of a year-long programme. Their aim is to support the vision to be ‘A Brilliant Civil Service’, making it a great place to work with a commitment to Health and Wellbeing. Wellbeing is valued by senior leaders and colleagues alike and this is why the team researched, designed and delivered a toolkit that brings together the latest information on wellbeing and can be accessed in one simple and easy click.

This project was undertaken alongside the team’s day jobs and involved working across departments. The toolkit is used by individuals and teams to help improve wellbeing

Cafcass' Holistic Health and Wellbeing Strategy - 'Optimising wellbeing'

Cafcass' Holistic Health & Wellbeing Strategy: 'Optimising Wellbeing'

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service |

In 2010 the Public Accounts Committee reported on high sickness levels at Cafcass. We acted quickly to instil a range of strategic and innovative support mechanisms, prioritising the workforce health and helping employees achieve work-life balance and develop resilience in the face of emotionally demanding work. Initial focus was on introducing state of the art technology and remote working to enable significant improvements in flexible working, which brought about a clear reduction in sick days. To complement this, over the last three years, Cafcass have implemented a holistic H&W programme; which was helpful with demand for our services increasing by 35% over the last five years. Recruitment of three dedicated wellbeing specialists has provided expert support and spearheaded the implementation of a programme of H&W interventions across the organisation. Advice and support is tailored to meet their employees’ individual needs. As recognised by our 2018 Ofsted inspection, this has created a positive organisational culture of physical and emotional wellbeing, ensuring employees feel valued and supported in and outside of work, despite the high-pressured environment. This positively influences rates of attendance, productivity and performance.

Companies House Health and Wellbeing Team

Companies House Health and Wellbeing Team

Companies House |

Companies House have always been committed to the wellbeing of their people, however, in November 2017 they experienced a spike in employee absence rates. Analysis of the data revealed our main cause of absence was mental health equating to over 22% of the total days lost, resulting in an average of 155 lost days per month, a quantifiable monetary amount of £221,000 pa. Companies House has an ageing workforce and the HRBP team were feeding back that they were also experiencing a rise in casework associated with mental health issues such as stress and anxiety.

The Health and Wellbeing team developed an action plan highlighting our priorities to:

  • Raise awareness and breakdown the barriers around mental health, by improving staff knowledge and understanding.
  • Ensure that a variety of support, resources and information is available to all staff, so that they understand how to take care of their mental health and feel supported.
  • Provide specific training to managers to recognise and support staff with mental health issues.

The Health and Wellbeing team worked diligently to achieve these objectives and through their completion have gained external accreditation and positive feedback from staff.

Innovation & Science Award

The Nominees

CivTech® Programme

CivTech® Programme

Scottish Government |

CivTech® is the Scottish Government Digital Directorate’s award-winning innovative challenge programme. Its mission is to drive daring and innovation in the public sector, by collaboratively solving challenges that make people’s lives better. The programme harnesses entrepreneurial tech innovation and citizen engagement to improve public services and create economic development opportunities. CivTech® pioneers a smarter, faster approach to public procurement. Based on open challenges rather than traditional prescriptive tenders, this creates new pathways for small tech companies to compete for public sector contracts and solutions to be procured more quickly, at reduced cost.

Each cycle comprises between seven to ten public service challenges. Companies chosen for the programme co-produce a minimum viable product, along with challenge sponsors and citizens, in four months co-located in the UK’s largest tech hub, Codebase.

Now in its third year, CivTech® is regarded as an “exemplar” by the GovTech Catalyst and “hugely successful” by TechNation. It is cementing its value proposition to both public sector and entrepreneurial participants and extending its international reach.

Innovation Award- Going forward into employment project team

Going Forward into Employment Project Team

Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice and Civil Service Commission |

The Going Forward into Employment project is a collaborative project jointly led by the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Justice, working with the Civil Service Commission, with the aim of encouraging the employment of ex-offenders into the civil service. The pilot project began in October 2017, focussed in the North West of England, working with three low security prisons to match ex-offenders on their release with suitable vacancies in civil service offices in the area.

As of today, ten candidates are deployed, in six departments. A diverse range of roles have been identified, and controlled matching is used to ensure candidates are placed into roles closely aligned to their skill sets.

Feedback from individuals selected and also the employing departments has been excellent (and some very moving testimonies), and the pilot is currently being evaluated with the aim of expanding further into other areas.

Linda Evans and Cath Marland

Linda Evans and Cath Marland: Community Care Hub

Department for Work and Pensions |

The Community Care Collaborative is committed to working at community level focussing on prevention and early intervention and working with the most vulnerable groups in our society.

Wrexham has the second highest number of Rough Sleepers in Wales and had become the focus of negative media attention. Most homeless people were living in crisis resulting in a high demand for primary and emergency care. It had an impact on criminal and anti-social activity across the town centre and led to a considerable amount of unnecessary suffering.

In June 2017 a multi-agency approach of bringing together a range of agencies that were already working with rough sleepers was introduced, which led to the formation of the Crisis Café, a weekly drop in providing weekly access to support from partners including DWP.

Inspirational Leadership Award

The Nominees

Hilary Govier

Hilary Govier

Department for Work and Pensions |

Hilary Govier has inspired a whole district within the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) with her humanity, capability and passionate leadership. The introduction of Universal Credit was central to HMG’s commitment to Welfare Reform and Hilary’s single-minded determination to succeed enabled Birmingham and Solihull district to successfully embed the new benefit. Her indefatigable enthusiasm motivated a team to deliver against extraordinary challenges and changes. Hilary cares deeply about people, within the Civil Service and her customers,and works ceaselessly to protect them both. Her staff know this and consequently perform their very best. Whilst completely capable of making difficult decisions, her input enables the Department to change people’s lives for the better. Amongst Hilary’s greatest gifts is her ability to make people feel valued and empowered. She recognises ability and rewards it with responsibility. Hilary’s presence has led to the greatest change in the welfare system for 70 years successfully establishing in some of the most deprived wards in Europe. Her time in the district has seen it transform into a motivated,professional team that genuinely cares.

Joy Hutcheon

Joy Hutcheon

Department for International Development |

Joy Hutcheon has made a massive contribution to diversity and inclusion, in DFID and beyond. Joy has always championed D&I, using her positional power to push for maximum progress. In 2011 she sought out the role of DFID Gender Champion. Her inspirational leadership transformed what had been at worst an issue ignored by the aid sector, and at best a last-minute add-on to project design, into an enduring, central consideration in all HM Government’s development work.

In 2016 she sought out the role of DFID Diversity and Inclusion Champion and has really shaken things up. It’s her quiet-but-constant, inspirational approach that has made the difference. The impact has been both broad and deep. The impact has been felt beyond DFID,shared with the private sector and used, by Joy, to advocate to future leaders across the Civil Service!

Inspirational Leadership Award- Marina Pettigrew

Marina Pettigrew

Foreign and Commonwealth Office |

The FCO’s Central Correspondence Unit (CCU) would like to nominate our Head of Unit, Marina Pettigrew, for this award in recognition of her development of the CCU from scratch into a successful, inclusive and diverse team where remote and flexible working is championed. At the start of the new initiative to centralise correspondence there were many in the FCO who were skeptical. Two years later thanks to Marina’s inspirational leadership CCU is thriving and its reputation, including among Ministerial offices, is very positive.

Policy & Use of Evidence Award

Project Delivery Excellence Award

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The Nominees

30 Hours Free Childcare Team

30 Hours Free Childcare

Department for Education |

The 2015 manifesto committed to giving 30 hours of free childcare a week to working parents of three and four year olds. The aim was to deliver the economic prize of greater parental employment, and reduce the cost of childcare.

The team needed 50,000 childcare providers to offer 30 hours, but surveys suggested that 40% might not do so because they considered our funding rate too low. They worked seamlessly with local authorities, the delivery partners, to ensure 30 hours were delivered.

This is an example of two major complex government programmes – 30 hours and HMRC’s Tax-Free Childcare – managing critical operational dependencies and joined-up service
delivery to provide positive user outcomes. Exceptionally strong programme management and joint working were key to our success. Within just over two years, the offer launched nationally, on time and within budget. More than 340,000 children benefited from a place in the first year, taking pressure off family finances and supporting a quarter of mothers to increase their working hours.

Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband

Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband

Scottish Government |

Ambitious, ground-breaking and innovative. Just a few of the words that describe the £280m Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband Rest of Scotland (DSSB RoS) programme, a collaborative led by the Scottish Government on behalf of 27 local authorities and the UK and Scottish Governments. The overarching aim - to address market failure in respect of fibre broadband access in these authorities. The result - over 97% of premises (when combined with commercial coverage) in the 27 Local Authorities now have access to fibre broadband.

Without the programme, this would have been only 71% and some areas as little as 25.1%. As one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, the programme has delivered on time and on budget – a tremendous success. It is funded by UK and Scottish Governments, 27 Scottish local authorities, Openreach and the European Regional Development Fund.

Project Delivery Award- Monarch Repatriation operation team

Monarch Repatriation Operation Team

Department for Transport |

This nomination is for the project led by the DfT and Civil Aviation Authority, to revolutionise the way Government handles airline insolvencies. It resulted in the succesful delivery of the largest peace-time repatriation of UK citizens, following the sudden collapse of Monarch Airlines. A truly innovative project saw the CAA and DfT working with industry around the clock – and around the world – to bring people safely home on time. It avoided thousands of UK citizens being stranded overseas without accommodation or the means to get home.

The operation effectively created the UK’s fifth largest airline from scratch, hiring a fleet of over 60 planes to fly to over 30 destinations with the capacity to repatriate over 100,000 people. As a result of the well planned and executed programme, over 98% of passengers arrived back in the UK within hours of their original schedule. The operation received widespread praise from industry and passengers alike (including letters of thanks from the public). In addition a large number of those who lost their jobs at Monarch successfully found new employment with other airlines. The Prime Minister wrote to the Secretary of State to praise the work of all the people involved across Whitehall.

Public Service

The Nominees

HMCTS Divorce Project - The Dame Lesley Strathie Operational Excellence Award

Divorce Project in HMCTS

Ministry of Justice |

The Divorce Project within the HMCTS Reform Programme is working to deliver a transformed end-to-end service for individuals and/or their legal representatives wishing to make an
application to legally end their marriage or civil partnership and resolve associated financial issues. The first Public Beta release exceeded expectations in terms of digital take up. The
Divorce Project has worked with citizens in research, staff from the Divorce Units, legal advisors, the judiciary and other stakeholders (e.g. Citizens Advice, Personal Support Units and policy colleagues) to develop an online system that fundamentally meets all of the needs of the user. 

Dame Leslie Strathie- GOV.UK Notify Team

GOV.UK Notify team

Government Digital Service |

GOV.UK Notify is a small diverse team of civil servants challenging established ways of doing things to rapidly deliver a product benefitting millions of people, whilst saving taxpayers
millions. Notify is a simple, self-service platform for sending text messages, emails, and letters at a fraction of the traditional cost. It makes it easy for service teams to instantly communicate with their users.

There are already more than 300 service teams sending messages using Notify from over 100 public sector organisations right across the UK. In the next 5 years it’s projected that Notify will save the UK public sector over £120m.

Yorkshire Prisons Group CHIS Handling Team

Yorkshire Prisons Group CHIS handling team

Ministry of Justice |

In 2017 Covert human intelligence source handling team was established within the Yorkshire Prisons group. With support from the director of Yorkshire Prisons Group, the team
were appointed and given responsibility for setting up a Prison Group CHIS handling team, a groundbreaking initiative as the first ever unit operated externally from a prison in the history of the prison service.

The team have established themselves and now support a huge geographical area encompassing all prisons within this geographical footprint (14). The model has been recognised nationally as best practice.

The team is funded by region and the establishments at no extra cost to the public and has achieved remarkable results by gathering intelligence which has directly reduced drug flow into prisons and therefore reduced the associated risks drugs in prison generate such as violence, bullying, self-harm and instability.

Resilience & Rapid Response Award

Rising Star Award