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16 May 2016
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22 July 2016
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24 October 2016
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24 November 2016
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The Analysis and Use of Evidence Award

Recognising excellence by a team or individual in the way knowledge, evidence or data is gathered, managed and presented to improve decision-making, policy-making or implementation. This could include examples of:

  • improving results by placing robust evidence and data analysis at the heart of the decision–making process;
  • capturing knowledge and data from a variety of disciplines and sources, both inside and outside government, and using this information to influence policy development or deliver better services for the public; or better value for the taxpayer;
  • ensuring that best-practice is captured and disseminated to others, including those in other professions, to help spread good practice and understanding.

The Nominees

The Cabinet Secretary Award for a Brilliant Civil Service_Benefits and Credits Data Analytics Team

Benefits and Credits Data Analytics Team (BCAT): HM Revenue & Customs

The benefits & credits analytics team uses specialist systems, techniques and expertise to identify awards where error and fraud is likely to occur. Working closely with stakeholders and other departments, BCAT sourced and delivered cases that led to the identification of £851m of customer error, contributing substantially to the reduction of tax credit error and fraud to 4.8%, its lowest ever level. The analysis enabled improvements to be made to the system which scans for claim errors prior to processing, resulting in an increase in pre-payment losses from £75m in 2014/15 to £90m in 2015/16. These achievements are accompanied by an internal customer satisfaction rate of 98.53%.

Civil Service Awards

National Cancer Registration Service: Public Health England

Public Health England's National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service has, over the past five years, transformed the collection of cancer data, turning it into one of the most sophisticated services in the world. The teams collect detailed, timely data on nearly half a million cancer patients each year. They also calculate the cancer stage on over 86% of all stageable cancers. The data does not just help protect public health, but is utilised by many other organisations, including NHS England, which uses it to measure the quality of care, the Royal Colleges audit the performance of clinical teams and NICE evaluates new cancer medications.

Civil Service Awards

Resilience Direct and the national population database development team: Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive worked with Ordnance Survey and the Cabinet Office to incorporate information from the national population database into Resilience Direct – an online application used by ministers and the emergency services when natural and man-made disasters occur. The powerful digital technology captures information from a range of sources and enables users to share it across organisational boundaries. It turns data into a live intelligence source, helping to improve strategic and tactical decision making. By adding details of population centres and vulnerable groups to existing mapping services, Resilience Direct can help those co-ordinating an emergency response see how communities will be affected by incidents.

The Chris Martin Policy Award

Recognising a domestic or international policy initiative that combines different strands of successful policy-making and makes a real and significant difference in terms of its effective implementation, the user experience, or cost-efficiency through:

  • developing or using a sound evidence base, capturing knowledge from a variety of disciplines and sources, and applying robust analysis to understand the data and inform decision-making;
  • incorporating a diverse range of inputs, showcasing open policy-making, engaging effectively with stakeholders, while managing the wider political context;
  • developing and designing policy with implementation, delivery and user need as priorities from the outset, using new and innovative approaches, as appropriate.

The Nominees

Homelessness team: Department for Communities and Local Government

Homelessness team: Department for Communities and Local Government

The DCLG Homelessness Team has championed the use of social finance to solve complex social problems and to turn around the lives of homeless people. The team worked with the sector and social financiers to design and deliver two Social Impact Bonds (SIBs). The London Rough Sleeping SIB, managed by the GLA, the world's first homelessness SIB, helped turn around the lives of 830 entrenched rough sleepers. The Fair Chance Fund works with seven partnerships to help young people with complex needs to sustain accommodation, while getting into education and employment. It is supporting nearly 2,000 young people, 84% of whom got into accommodation by March 2015.

Civil Service Awards

Indictable Cases Pilot Team (ICP Team): Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland

Serious avoidable delay in the prosecution of Crown Court cases has been an intransigent problem in Northern Ireland for more than two decades. Given intense public and political scrutiny of the conduct of the prosecution, police and judiciary in Northern Ireland this project required very sensitive handling. Through engagement between the Public Prosecution Service and the Police Service of NI, progressive thinking and a willingness to adopt collective risk, a radical model for investigating and prosecuting indictable cases was designed. The Indictable Cases Pilot (ICP) was launched on 2 January 2015, with the aspiration of significantly driving down delay.

Civil Service Awards

Tobacco Control Team: Department of Health

In March 2015 the Government introduced legislation to standardise the packaging of tobacco products. From May 2016 all packs of cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco will be produced in drab brown packs. Research shows this reduces the appeal of smoking particularly to children. In 2015, a comprehensive legal challenge to the standardised packaging legislation was brought against the Secretary of State for Health by the four big tobacco companies. After the Department's robust defence, however, in a landmark ruling in May 2016 the High Court dismissed all 17 grounds of the challenge in a 1,000 paragraph judgment.

The Clarity Award

Recognising an individual at any level within the Civil Service who produces brilliantly clear documents that concisely explain complicated things in straightforward terms, avoiding jargon.

  • This could be, for example, a briefing, a Parliamentary Statement, a consultation document, a blog, a government form or a letter to a member of the public;
  • The content will be clear to any audience, including someone brand new to the issue;
  • This should set a high standard for your team, your department and the wider Civil Service to emulate.

Evidence of the qualifying written work must be attached to support the nomination.

The Nominees

The Clarity Award_Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett: Ministry of Defence

After a request from the Secretary of State for sharper clarity on the key facts and figures behind UK Defence, the statistics teams in Defence Economics produced the “Defence in Numbers” booklet. It was distributed to all UK embassies and defence attaches worldwide to ensure consistency in key defence numbers for briefings and speeches. The team was then commissioned to develop a second booklet, “SDSR Key Facts”, on the key outcomes from the Strategic Defence and Security Review. Both publications use simple innovative data visualisation techniques and statistics to promote understanding of the often complex defence and security issues.

 The Clarity Award_Oliver Sweetman

Oliver Sweetman: Serious Fraud Office

The Serious Fraud's Office's graphics unit consists of three designers who support all SFO case teams, their investigators and lawyers. Its aim is to simplify, restructure and present evidence in a series of infographics to a jury and the judge. Using graphic design to create infographics from extensive written documents helps transform financial data tables and lengthy statements into captivating and memorable imagery. The end result is that case teams have material to support their arguments, the jury have the knowledge to make a fair and honest assessment of the case, and the tax payer has value for money.

 The Clarity Award_HMRC P2 redesign team

P2 redesign team: HM Revenue & Customs

The P2 coding notice has been a cause of confusion (and sometimes anxiety) for taxpayers for years. HMRC sent 30 million of them last year, automatically generated to inform customers of a change to their tax code for each source of their PAYE income. They were complicated notices, and customers with more than one employment would receive more than one P2. In most cases, a P2 does not require a response – yet, last year, P2s generated more than 3.5 million customer calls to HMRC's helplines. Working together with stakeholders, tax policy experts, frontline advisers and IT providers, HMRC has now transformed the troublesome P2.

The Collaboration Award

Recognising individuals or teams who have demonstrated excellence in co-operative and joint working across departments, local government, UK Government or Devolved Administrations.  This could include examples of:

  • work that exemplifies the principles of mutual respect, cooperation and collaboration and improves the knowledge and skills of others to support devolution and decentralisation;
  • joint working across and between the UK Government, departments, Devolved Administrations or local authorities that is empowering communities and boosting growth;
  • successful project, policy or public service delivery achieved through effective leadership, negotiation and collaboration with other administrations, departments or authorities.

The Nominees

The Collaboration Award _One Public Estate Team

One Public Estate team: Cabinet Office and Local Government Association

One Public Estate (OPE) is a pioneering initiative delivered in partnership by the Cabinet Office and the Local Government Association. It supports collaboration between local authorities, government, and wider public sector partners to deliver projects, using property as a catalyst to deliver better services, economic growth and efficiency savings. The team provides tools, funding and specialist skills to help develop innovative ideas, broker agreements and drive delivery. OPE is set to support more than half of England's 326 councils this year, with an ambition to support 95% by 2018. Current OPE partnerships are set to deliver, by 2020, £56m savings, £138m capital receipts, 36,000 jobs and 16,500 homes.

 The Collaboration Award _Syrian Resettlement Programme

Resettlement Programme: Home Office, Department for Communities and Local Government and Department for International Development

A new, cross-government and cross-UK programme was established at pace to deal with resettlement, drawing in staff and expertise from three core departments, HO, DCLG and DfID, as well as from existing resettlement schemes. The team has worked across international boundaries to identify the most vulnerable refugees, bring them to the UK and find them homes. More than 160 local authorities are now involved and more than 1,800 refugees have been resettled. In addition, new digital systems and streamlined delivery processes are in place.

The Collaboration Award _HMRC Universal Credit Programme

Universal Credit Programme: HM Revenue & Customs

The HMRC Universal Credit (UC) Programme is playing a critical role in supporting DWP deliver universal credit. The programme uses excellent project delivery to close tax credit claims, recover £4bn-plus debt and help claimants and staff through unprecedented change, while protecting performance levels. The programme designed and delivered innovative IT and processes which have allowed 44,000 claimants (12,000 with debts totalling £10m-plus) to be moved to UC, focusing on smooth customer transition and generating minimal contact. The programme seamlessly transferred staff in two HMRC sites to support DWP's delivery of UC. It also worked with the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

The Commercial Award

Recognising an individual or team’s exemplary commercial skill and sound business judgement in delivering an exceptional outcome and value for money for government. This includes using robust commercial know-how, a willingness to challenge the status quo, and innovative approaches:

●      to maintain effective delivery of a service while reducing its cost and consumption of resources; eliminating waste; managing suppliers to secure improved commercial terms for government, and procuring goods and services at favourable/economical rates;

●      as part of a project that has transformed a service, increasing its effectiveness for the user and reducing its cost to the taxpayer;

●      to provide high-quality management information, analysis or guidance that has led to more effective commercial decision-making and optimised service delivery at greater value for money.

The Nominees

 The Commercial Award_Commercial Capability & Performance Team

Commercial Capability & Performance Team: Department for International Development

DFID employees need excellent commercial and contract management skills to make every penny of UK aid money count for the world's poorest people. The specialist Procurement and Commercial Department (PCD) began a commercial transformation training scheme for all SCS in 2015 to drive a more hard-headed, commercial outlook. Average contract performance scores are up, and supply market shaping has delivered £72m of savings. DFID delivered £129.9m of savings from effective procurement in the 2015-16 financial year, compared with £118m in 2014-15. A total of £535m in savings has been achieved in the past five years thanks to more effective procurement.

The Commercial Award_PACT Commercial Exit

PACT Commercial Exit: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

DVLA recently completed a major project to manage the commercial exit from a long-standing IT contract (Pact), bringing IT services in-house following decades of outsourcing. The project's commercial workstream was tasked to manage the novation and procurement of more than 180 third-party contracts integral to the running of DVLA's business systems before September 2015. The team established processes to gather contract information, identify actions needed, ensure ongoing support and regularly monitor progress to confirm completion and sign-off within exacting timescales. The target completion date was achieved, avoiding expensive run-on costs, with expected savings of £225m over the next 10 years.

 The Commercial Award_Thames Tideway Tunnel team

Thames Tideway Tunnel Team: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a 15-mile £4.2bn sewage tunnel designed to address the problem of London's 19th-century sewers overflowing in heavy rain. The Defra team worked with Treasury (IPA), Ofwat and Thames Water for five years to work up the detailed regulatory, contractual and financial structure to enable the tunnel to be built. A critical element was Defra's development of the innovative government support package providing contingent financial support for certain low-probability risks. A procurement over 2014-15 led to the formation of a new regulated water company that will finance and build the tunnel at significantly lower cost than the water sector average.

The Communication Award

Recognising exceptional performance by a communications team to deliver a highly effective national or international communications campaign.  The campaign should be consistent with the Government Communication Service ‘four I’s’ model of Insight, Ideas, Implementation and Impact, and provide evidence of the significant positive outcomes achieved as a direct result of the campaign, through:

  • defined campaign objectives, in terms of setting specific and measurable changes in audience awareness, understanding and behaviour;
  • Clarity of strategy and implementation plan including innovation, and use of channel including no-cost and low-cost media as well as demonstrating evidence of research, data and audience insight that underpin the campaign;
  • Entries for external campaigns should highlight the impact on effectiveness and efficiency of delivery, and the reputation of public services.  For internal campaigns they should demonstrate the business benefit to the department or agency.

All nominations should be accompanied by either a 2 minute video clip or a 2 page document that outlines and visualises the campaign.

The Nominees

 The Communication Award_BEIS Campaigns Team

BEIS campaigns Team: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

The department's “Power to Switch” campaign contributes to a more competitive energy market by encouraging people to switch to the best deal. Having begun as a multi-million pound DECC campaign, in a 12-month period the campaign shifted to a lower budget approach. During two campaign periods with a budget of under £300k, switching energy suppliers increased by 23%. Switching has continued to increase and break records: in the first six months of 2016, nearly 1 million more people switched electricity supplier than the first half of 2015. Continuous evaluation, testing and learning has also provided valuable cross-government insight.

 The Communication Award_Cabinet Office Communication

Cabinet Office Communication Team: Cabinet Office

Ahead of the EU referendum, the Cabinet Office Communications Team, working with colleagues from No10, led a multi-channel voter registration campaign. This resulted in a record number of registrations – 2.9 million over the course of the campaign – of which nearly half were from the under-35 target group. We achieved this by mobilising the full machinery of government including departments, arms-length bodies, the devolved administrations, local authorities and thousands of stakeholders, creating a single communications network of unprecedented scale. We then worked with the network to develop messages across a wide range of channels, coordinating with partners to ensure that the message was credible.

Cadw - Welsh Government Marketing Team: Welsh Government

The team launched the Pack your Imagination (PYI) spring 2015 campaign to drive footfall to Cadw sites by presenting Wales's 30-plus historic sites as family days out. The main challenge was competing against other family attractions in the build up to the Easter holidays with a limited budget. As previous campaigns had taught that digital marketing would be the most cost effective and targeted way of reaching local families and tourists, they launched PYI with a time-lapse video showing American Lego enthusiast Bob Carney creating Rhuddlan castle from 50,000 bricks. The story reached more than 100m and was the perfect launch of the multiple award-winning campaign.

The Customer Service Award

An award recognising an individual or team who consistently go the extra mile to deliver exceptional public services to citizens, customers or service users in the UK and abroad. The winner will:

●    demonstrate outstanding service and behaviours to deliver the right outcomes for customers;

●    have taken ownership and shown perseverance to understand and positively respond to complex customer needs, challenging circumstances and/or difficult situations;

●    demonstrate strong professionalism, a commitment to continuous improvement and share good practice and learning.

The Nominees

 The Customer Service Award _Chelmsford Employer Engagement Team

Chelmsford Employer Engagement Team: Department for Work and Pensions

As a new expanding city, Chelmsford has record employment and strong economic growth. As the key recruitment provider, the team recognised it should provide a route into employment that meets employers' needs and that of jobseekers, particularly the most disadvantaged. Collaborating with partners including charities, council, mental health trusts and training providers, the team aims to widen the diversity of the workforce, providing disabled, long-term, and older unemployed people a showcase for their talents and skills. The model has placed a high percentage of long-term unemployed people in work and delivered a scalable approach for other parts of the UK.

 The Customer Service Award_Fatal Incidents Investigations Team

Fatal Incidents Investigations Team: The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman

The team undertakes independent investigations of deaths in custody. When the current Ombudsman took office in 2011, only 14% of investigation reports were delivered on time. In 2015-16, despite a 58% increase in the number of investigations and a decrease in resources, 100% were delivered on time. To achieve this transformational performance the FII team underwent radical changes in its structure and processes and undertook a comprehensive review of how it allocated and managed its caseload, focusing on performance and customer outcomes. The sheer commitment of both management and staff made the changes work.

 The Customer Service Award_Pauline Connor

Pauline Connor: Northern Ireland Prison Service

At the start of 2015 Learning and Skills at Magilligan Prison was at a low ebb and staff morale was poor because of the continuing uncertainty regarding outsourcing to the North West Regional College (NWRC). In April Pauline Connor was appointed AO and has been a “game changer” for staff and, crucially, for prisoners. She is helping to build a staff team by seeking to bring NIPS staff and the new NWRC staff together and she has encouraged many reluctant learners among the prisoners “to have a go” with much good humour.

The Dame Lesley Strathie Operational Excellence Award

In memory of Dame Lesley Strathie, this award recognises excellence in the delivery of public services.  This could include examples of:

  • placing customer needs and feedback at the heart of the design and/or implementation of a policy/project and being open to new ways of working and new delivery models;
  • establishing effective partnerships between centrally based civil servants and front-line delivery staff and making best use of Civil Service expertise and best practice;
  • significantly improving the quality, value for money or productivity of services to the public. 

The Nominees

 The Dame Lesley Strathie Operational Excellence Award_Listing Team Wood Green Crown Court

Listing Team Wood Green Crown Court: HM Courts and Tribunals Service

The list team at Wood Green Crown Court have achieved an amazing ineffective trial rate of below 5% for the past two years (against a 16% target) constantly using all cases in the warned lists and ensuring certainty for all court users and stakeholders including, perhaps most importantly, witnesses and victims, who have been provided with near certainty that their case will be called on the day it is listed. The team are constantly looking at creative ways to “stretch” time and multi-skill colleagues so resources can be better managed with reduced staff.

 The Dame Lesley Strathie Operational Excellence Award_Surge and Rapid Response Team

Surge Rapid Response Team: HM Revenue & Customs

Created in response to a ministerial challenge to find better ways of dealing with unexpected or excessive demand for government services, the cross-government Surge and Rapid Response Team (SRRT) was formed in May 2015 with 200 apprentices recruited at administration officer level, after showing an aptitude for flexibility. When assistance was required for national crises such as the Greek financial crisis and Tunisia terrorist attacks last summer, SRRT was able to deploy staff within 24 hours and provide assurance and assistance to hundreds of UK citizens. Six departments used SRRT to assist with peaks in workflow during 2015/16.

 The Dame Lesley Strathie Operational Excellence Award_Rural Payment Wales Online

Rural Payment Wales Online: Welsh Government

The latest reform of the Common Agricultural Policy has resulted in highly regulated EU subsidy schemes. Rural Payments Wales (RPW) needed to move applications online to prevent paper applications becoming ever longer and more difficult to complete. The challenge was to design user-friendly applications that help customers meet the complex requirements of EU schemes. Regular engagement with a user working group of farmers, agents and unions, built stakeholder trust and made the final designs more relevant. The user-centric design is backed up by extensive support which includes a bilingual customer contact centre as well as the offer of one-to-one support at a Welsh Government office.

The Digital Award

Recognising innovation using digital technology to solve a problem or make things better, for example when digital has been used as part of:

  • innovating policy-making and delivery;
  • changing working processes to bring about real benefits to users or increase efficiency of services;
  • a campaign for clear communications that engages users. 

The Nominees

 The Digital Award _Check your State Pension

Check your State Pension: Department for Work and Pensions

Check your State Pension is a new online service, available to around 45m people both in the UK and overseas, providing a more efficient way to access a joined-up view of their National Insurance and state pension provision. Previously, a customer had to deal with two departments, HMRC and DWP, a process that took weeks. The new service provides, for the first time, a modern, single digital means for customers to access the information they need to make informed choices. It is designed to meet the wider government agenda of encouraging citizens to take an active interest in their pension throughout their working life.

The Digital Award_Help with Fees Team

Help with Fees Team: Ministry of Justice

The Help with Fees service is a transformational project which changed the way people on low incomes can access justice services. The process used to be largely paper based, complex and prone to rejections making it frustrating for court staff and members of the public. The Help with Fees team have re-designed the service, leading to a new operational process, a new paper form and guidance, a new policy to spot check evidence, a case management system and a public digital form. These changes have seen significant improvements for staff and the public as well as a reduction in the number of rejected applications.

 The Digital Award_Making Tax Digital for Individuals

Making Tax Digital for Individuals: HM Revenue & Customs

The Personal Tax Account (PTA) project, that gives customers control over their tax affairs, has been designed and built in-house, and is designed to transform HMRC's relationship with 45m customers. It is an exemplar for Agile development, starting small with just 3,000 users in December 2015 and reaching 2.8m users in July 2016.  It is putting customers at the heart of service design – thousands have been involved in testing the PTA to date. The account has seen an increase in digital take-up alongside reductions in post and telephone contact, making the digital shift a reality.

The Diversity and Inclusion Award

A winner of winners from the Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Awards; an award that recognises real achievement and success at all levels of the Civil Service.

The Diversity and Inclusion Awards are available to view here: http://www.diversityandinclusionawards.com/

The Nominees

Championing Gender Award_Ellie Binks NOMS  Keela Shackell-Smith EA_175x126

Ellie Binks and Keela Shackell-Smith: National Offender Management Service and Environment Agency

In January 2015 Ellie and Keela set up the first 'network of networks' meeting to connect leads and develop a way to share knowledge and expertise on running Women's/ Gender networks. They went on to form the Cross Government Women's Network. As well as setting up the network together, they have individually led a huge amount of work within their departments and across government to drive towards their ultimate goal of true gender equality.

Championing Inclusion Award_Joanna Parry Entry Clearance Officer HO_175x128

Joanna Parry: Home Office

Jo is an Entry Clearance Officer in Pretoria, South Africa. Along with her other line management duties, and operational demands, Jo has taken the responsibility of turning the visa section into an inclusive environment where staff feel able to voice their concerns and feel they are being listened to.

Championing Minority Ethnic People Award _Mushtaq Raj Compliance Review Implementation HO_175x128

Mushtaq Raj: Home Office

Mushtaq is the ultimate role model for Black and Minority Ethnic causes. This has been demonstrated through his leadership role for THE NETWORK. This is the Home Office's BAME staff network which has approximately 3000 members.

Championing Disabled People Award_Personal Tax Raising Disability Awareness Team HMRC_175x128

Personal Tax Raising Disability Awareness Team: HM Revenue & Customs

Personal Tax Raising Disability Awareness Team developed a Masterclass for managers and leaders to raise disability awareness and develop managers' capability to support disabled colleagues. Not only did the masterclasses have a lasting impact, they persuaded managers to engage with the subject and consider the perspective of our disabled colleagues.

Championing LGBTI People Award _PRISM - Welsh Government LGBTI+ Staff Network_175x124

PRISM - Welsh Government LGBTI+ Staff Network: Welsh Government

PRISM Co-Chairs Sue Vincent-Jones and Phil Jenkins have been instrumental in revitalising our LGBTI+ staff network - whilst maintaining a strong performance in their high-pressure, demanding day job. Under their leadership, within two years the Welsh Government has moved up 178 places to 17th in the UK Stonewall Equality Workplace Index and is placed 4th in Wales.

Employee Network Excellence Award_Religion and Ethnic Minority (REM) Network DBEIS_175x124

Religion and Ethnic Minority (REM) Network: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The Religion and Ethnic Minority Network, formed in 2008, provides a significant and comprehensive package of activities that support 200+ members and wider BEIS staff in career development. It continues to influences the culture and composition of BEIS through integrating diversity and inclusion into business processes.

The Innovation Award

Recognising a team or individual that has sought new and better ways of doing things through an innovative approach and taken sensible risks to improve outcomes and successfully address an issue or challenge.  This could be through:

  • using innovative approaches to policy-making and delivery, such as open policy making, behavioural insight or alternatives to regulation;
  • challenging the status quo, trying something new, adapting and refining when things have not worked well, and learning in the development of policy or services;
  • taking an approach that has resulted in a step-up from business as usual and delivered real benefits to customers. 

The Nominees

 The Innovation Award_Colin Hewlett

Colin Hewlett: National Offender Management Service

Night supervisor, Colin, designed and developed a database to record restrictive and purposeful activity being undertaken in the approved premises in response to a brief set by the approved premises area manager, Mike Rayfield. Mike introduced key performance indicators in the AP to provide clear evidence of what was being delivered, to make a clear business case both to senior management and to local charities. Colin spent four months designing the database which measures a wide range of activity including employment, drug and alcohol tests, room searches, curfew compliance, attendance at AA/NA and key-work, cookery and life skills sessions.

 The Innovation Award_Geographic Information Technical Team

Geographic Information Technical Team: Rural Payments Agency

Each year, RPA, which is responsible for administering and paying the basic payment scheme to more than 80,000 farmers, conducts a detailed mapping exercise using optical colour satellite images. There were two challenges in 2015. First, the introduction of “greening” rules meant that 150 types of crops had to be identified and validated. Second, cloud cover prevented images of more than half of the selected areas. In response the RPA GI Team urgently investigated and implemented new radar satellite imagery obtained from the European Commission Sentinel-1 satellite. Funding was secured via the “Space for Smarter Government Programme” at nil cost to RPA.

The Innovation Award_Healthcare Innovation and All-Wales Capital Programme

Healthcare Innovation and All-Wales Capital Programme: Welsh Government

The Hospital Avoidance project addresses A&E demand: instead of a standard paramedic response, senior doctors and advanced paramedics are dispatched to diagnose the patient (and treat, where possible) at the scene. The teams, equipped with point-of-care diagnostic technology and a wide variety of drugs, can treat a much broader range of conditions, or refer direct to specialty, bypassing A&E. Two Welsh Government teams worked on the clinician-developed project, which is being led by the Medserve charity and includes joint working with NHS Wales. It blends revenue (through the Emergency Ambulance Services Committee) and capital (through MedServe) to maximise savings and clarify operational costs.

The Inspirational Leadership Award

Recognising an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in delivering results.  This award is open to all, regardless of grade or role.  Exemplifying the behaviours set out in the Civil Service Leadership Statement and a commitment to diversity, nominees should be:

  • inspiring about our work and future through setting direction, valuing professionalism and embracing innovation;
  • inclusive and confident in engaging others, communicating clearly and collaborating successfully;
  • empowering through openness, recognising difference and helping others fulfil their potential.

The Nominees

 The Inspirational Leadership Award_ Austin Treacy

Austin Treacy: Northern Ireland Prison Service

Austin Treacy is an outstanding prison governor who has led the delivery of the first secure college for young offenders across the UK. He has impressive operational grip, but also demonstrates an innovative and creative approach to prison leadership, transforming an establishment which was acknowledged to be failing all of the tests of a healthy prison into one which is now a beacon for others. Through his leadership, staff of all grades and disciplines have been motivated to deliver rehabilitative and therapeutic regimes that have led to greatly reduced levels of self harm and the transformation of relationships between staff and those in their care.

 The Inspirational Leadership Award_Mr David I Hill

David I Hill: HM Revenue & Customs

Dave Hill provides the motivation, enthusiasm, encouragement and reward needed to support a technical and specialist caseworker team at the forefront of tax compliance. Dave takes an active interest in casework and is passionate about tackling and disrupting the most serious evasion cases. He invests significantly in developing team members to enhance their capabilities and provide development opportunities through both mentoring and coaching. As a result targets have been exceeded significantly and consistently over the past 10 years. Dave maintains a close, experienced team to deliver results and dedicates his skills and experience to what he does best, managing intervention work.

 The Inspirational Leadership Award_Julia Nix

Julia Nix: Department for Work and Pensions

The passionate leadership of district manager Julia Nix has provided remarkable results: unemployment rate in the East is 3.7%, the lowest of all the regions, and the lowest in 40 years. Her leadership and vision drove Norwich4Jobs, a joint-sector programme, which extensively over achieved its original goal of helping 1,000 young people into work by more than halving youth unemployment in two years. Julia has also received praise from David Cameron and Norwich MP Chloe Smith – who spearheads the campaign – says she is a joy to know and work with.

The Project Delivery Excellence Award

Celebrating outstanding contributions to the successful delivery of government projects. This award recognises either departments that have created the right environment to allow effective portfolio management and prioritisation; or projects, teams or individuals whose efforts shape lasting and valuable outcomes for society. Entrants may have shown examples of one or more of the following:

  • Effective project initiation -­ working collaboratively to create a seamless transition from policy making to execution; thereby setting up projects to successfully deliver, measure performance and realise intended benefits.
  • Transforming organisations or services - ­to improve the way government operates or delivers services to the citizen and/or to deliver significant savings and infrastructure improvements.
  • Visible project leadership - building high performing, diverse teams;  increasing project capability; and leading activity to drive innovation and share knowledge across the wider professional community to effectively learn lessons from other projects.

The Nominees

The Project Delivery Excellence Award_DFID Bangladesh's Extreme Poverty Team

DFID Bangladesh's Extreme Poverty Team: Department for International Development

Over the past five years, 2 million people in Bangladesh have left extreme poverty; their lives and livelihoods transformed as a result of the team's efforts. The approach has delivered such positive results that it is being replicated around the world including in Laos, Haiti, Ethiopia and Pakistan. The EPT has designed, managed and advised a high-performing portfolio of award-winning projects and has mobilised effective partnerships with government and a wide range of national and international partners. Extensive advocacy, strategic communication, collaboration and the production of high quality evidence has ensured that for the first time, extreme poverty is a major policy priority in Bangladesh.

 The Project Delivery Excellence Award_CBRN Team

CBRN Team: Ministry of Defence

In August 2013, two rockets containing a chemical warfare agent were launched in Syria resulting in 1,300 civilian deaths. The Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear team delivered – early and under the £65m budget – a complex and life-saving portfolio of eight projects within 18 months. They made a real difference in Syria and provide a significant longer term CBRN capability for contingent operations. The success lay in the diversity of, and collaboration within, the CBRN team, which comprised members from Defence Equipment & Support, the armed forces frontline commands, industry contractors and the US government. This was an enormous team effort and a great success.

 The Project Delivery Excellence Award_Priority School Building Programme

Priority School Building Programme: Department for Education

In 2010 the Government commissioned a review of all DfE capital investment, which concluded future delivery models must focus on schools in greatest need and maximise value and efficiency. The £4.4bn Priority School Building Programme (PSBP) has delivered these recommendations by establishing a central delivery body, focusing investment on the worst school buildings, reducing costs by a third and delivering much faster. The team of 140 staff has signed 230 construction contracts and opened 114 schools in new and/or refurbished buildings. We are on target to complete the majority of first-phase projects by the end of 2017, two years earlier than planned.

The Skills Award

Recognising a team or collective leadership group that has displayed excellence in promoting skills development across teams or operational units and can show evidence of a significant and sustainable contribution in increasing skills and the positive business outcomes achieved as a result.  This could include:

  • embedding good practices in determining evolving development needs and real innovation in addressing them;
  • ensuring that learning is captured and can be disseminated to others to help spread good practice;
  • investing in our people to build the right balance of capability, talent and experience to be effective now and in the future. 

The Nominees

 The Skills Award_Digital Capability Team

Digital Capability Team: Legal Aid Agency

The digital capability plan has been instrumental in transforming the LAA. More than 90% of legal aid applications are now received online and digital tools are used throughout the organisation. The plan has focused on building awareness, providing the right tools and growing expertise. More than 50 civil servants have been trained as digital specialists and 200 MoJ staff have received in-house digital skills training. This approach has delivered great value for money and has enabled the LAA to deliver a better service to legal aid providers and clients. Almost three quarters of LAA staff say the training has helped them develop their career.

 The Skills Award _Digital Group

Digital Group: Valuation Office Agency

The VOA is the first government department to directly recruit young people into digital apprenticeships to work towards a qualification. The VOA has worked closely with Northbrook College and QA to deliver great results for the agency and the apprentices. Now in its sixth year, the scheme has taken on 36 apprentices: five are still studying with us (with an intake of 15 planned); 14 have become staff; seven have gone to posts outside the civil service and three have gone onto university. It has been hugely successful in helping the agency to deliver work, close skills gaps and ensure succession planning for digital transformation. 

 The Skills Award_World First Launch of a new Register of Plant Health Professionals200x113

World First: Launch of a new Register of Plant Health Professionals: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

The publication of the GB Plant Health Biosecurity Strategy clearly articulated the skills required for an effective service to protect the country from plant pests and diseases. It was recognised that there was no existing professional career pathway or qualification that encompassed the unique range of skills required. A new Plant Health Professional Register was created after a successful pilot, in which the Royal Society of Biologists (RSB) recognised 13 Animal Plant Health Agency inspectors from across the UK. The register is now open for applications with the aim of registering 300 plant health professionals by the end of 2018.

The Supporting Growth Award

Recognising the performance of a team that has helped prospects for improved productivity and contributed to strong sustainable growth in the UK.  Nominations should outline:

  • the economic challenge that the approach was designed to address; with evidence that wider economic issues were identified;
  • how the initiative or campaign addressed the challenge and what innovative steps the team took to achieve success;
  • evidence of a long-term, positive and tangible impact on a particular market or the wider economy that has occurred as a direct result of the team’s work.

The Nominees

ITI Life Sciences Organisation: Department for International Trade

The Life Sciences Organisation is responsible for encouraging and delivering foreign direct investment and for supporting UK-based companies to increase exports. Through this work, we drive economic growth and jobs, enhance the UK's export base, improve patient access to global innovation, and build the UK's reputation as the leading destination, and partner, for global industry and buyers. The UKTI LSO has, through delivery, ensured that Life Sciences continue to be vibrant in the UK and a key contributor to sustained economic growth. LSO and our One Team network have landed more than £6bn in new investment linked to more than 17,000 new jobs in the sector.

 The Supporting Growth Award_Research Infrastructure and Growth Branch Science Research and Evidence Directorate200x276

Research Infrastructure and Growth Branch, Science Research and Evidence Directorate: Department of Health

Growing life science industry is a Government priority. The team's challenge was to drive culture change in the NHS research environment to support collaboration with the life sciences sector. The team created a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) infrastructure in the NHS, which led to 260% increase in industry contract trials supported over five years (862 in 2014/15) and a 415% increase in industry research within NIHR centres in the past four years. This infrastructure is widely recognised as having transformed the attractiveness to industry of research in the NHS and attracting international investment.

 The Supporting Growth Award_Yorkshire & Northern Lincolnshire Area Team200x160

Yorkshire & Northern Lincolnshire Area Team: Natural England

Natural England has been working with local partners on the Humber Estuary to deliver a growing economy alongside a world class environment. The South Humber Gateway, 4 square miles of port and industrial development land, is a premier employment site and a focus of the local economic regeneration plan. It is also incredibly important for waterbirds, protected by the adjacent Humber Estuary, Special Protection Area. Over eight years, working with local planning authorities, the Local Nature Partnership and the RSPB, Natural England has helped unlock £2bn of ongoing and planned investment with 15,000 planned jobs, and created 275ha of new wet grassland habitat for birds.

The Volunteering Award

Recognising an individual who volunteers outside of their civil service career and makes an outstanding contribution to their local community, civil society or their country, be it through charity work, volunteering in local communities or as a reservist, through:

  • passion and enthusiasm to making a difference whilst maintaining a strong work ethic and high standards in their civil service career;
  • a substantial, demonstrable and positive impact that has occurred as a direct result of the individual’s engagement and commitment;
  • going above and beyond the call of duty, taking a hands-on, proactive approach to their involvement with their chosen cause. 

The Nominees

 The Volunteering Award_Ed Miles

Ed Miles: Ministry of Defence

In September 2012, Ed moved on to an east London council estate, with his wife, to join Eden Bow, a voluntary project which works with those most in need, particularly young people aged 12 to 21. The Tower Hamlets estate is one of the most deprived areas in the UK, with child poverty estimated at 60%. Eden Bow seeks to empower young people, to give them a sense of purpose and a desire to see their lives and community change for the better. Ed runs a several projects including a boys' group and a football scheme, all aimed at bringing young people together and growing self esteem.

The Volunteering Award_Jewel Miah200x300

Jewel Miah MBE: Home Office

Jewel was awarded the MBE in June 2016 for his volunteering services to British Bengali footballing, an area he has been involved in since his late teens as both a player and organiser. He organises tournaments and tours involving Asian teams from around the UK to promote community cohesion. Since 1994 he has volunteered with young people through Glodwick Bangladeshi Youth Association in Oldham where he was vice-chairman for several years. He helped introduce junior football to Glodwick through his chairmanship of Red Star Bengal FC which now has more than 150 members, from 4 to 45 years old.

Mark Summers: HM Revenue & Customs

Mark Summers: HM Revenue & Customs

For many years Mark has volunteered with children and adults with disabilities in the Harrogate area. Every week he gives up his time to support and coach people in football as chairman of the Mencap County League and has nurtured the club from a casual kickabout to this year winning the European cup in Geneva. He also organises and takes part in club trips abroad to compete which requires an immense amount of work and dedication to the teams. Mark has also been head football coach for the Special Olympics GB squads at the World Games in China and Greece.

The Cabinet Secretary Award for A Brilliant Civil Service

The benefits & credits analytics team uses specialist systems, techniques and expertise to identify awards where error and fraud is likely to occur. Working closely with stakeholders and other departments, BCAT sourced and delivered cases that led to the identification of £851m of customer error, contributing substantially to the reduction of tax credit error and fraud to 4.8%, its lowest ever level. The analysis enabled improvements to be made to the system which scans for claim errors prior to processing, resulting in an increase in pre-payment losses from £75m in 2014/15 to £90m in 2015/16. These achievements are accompanied by an internal customer satisfaction rate of 98.53%.

The Nominees

The Cabinet Secretary Award for a Brilliant Civil Service_Benefits and Credits Data Analytics Team

Benefits and Credits Data Analytics Team (BCAT): HM Revenue & Customs

The benefits & credits analytics team uses specialist systems, techniques and expertise to identify awards where error and fraud is likely to occur. Working closely with stakeholders and other departments, BCAT sourced and delivered cases that led to the identification of £851m of customer error, contributing substantially to the reduction of tax credit error and fraud to 4.8%, its lowest ever level. The analysis enabled improvements to be made to the system which scans for claim errors prior to processing, resulting in an increase in pre-payment losses from £75m in 2014/15 to £90m in 2015/16. These achievements are accompanied by an internal customer satisfaction rate of 98.53%.