Open to all civil servants, we are looking for examples of outstanding teams or individuals who have innovated, impressed and made a difference in their area over the past 12 months.

Nominations will be considered against award-specific criteria as well as the following elements:

  • Promotion or demonstration of the core values and behaviours set out in the Civil Service Code: has the nominee acted (where relevant) with integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality?
  • Measurable benefits: does the nomination provide evidence that the project or programme is having a tangible effect?
  • Working in partnership: has the nominee introduced effective joint-working arrangements that bring together colleagues from multiple teams, departments or other internal or external organisations
  • Sustainability: will the initiative/practice described leave a lasting legacy and can it be replicated across government?
  • Inclusion: has the nominee been inclusive, engaging the individual strengths, talents and experiences of teams and considered all groups of customers, service users, audiences or stakeholders in developing solutions?
  • Innovative: has the nominee used innovative approaches and made the best use of the technology available, resulting in a step up from business as usual and real benefits to end users?
  • Impact: has the nominee made an impact beyond their immediate team/business area/department

Citizenship Award

Recognising exceptional individuals who go way beyond what could reasonably be expected of them, to improve the lives of citizens or communities.  Their contributions could be in the workplace, or as volunteers outside work, or both.  We are looking for


  • Nominees with a passion and commitment to making a difference, while maintaining high standards in their Civil Service career;
  • Nominees whose contributions have a substantial and positive impact.


Collaboration Award

Recognising excellent collaboration that spans the boundaries between sectors, administrations, or layers of government.  We will be looking for:


  • Nominees whose work has put the citizen first, ahead of narrow interests;
  • Work that has tackled a really knotty problem, where collaboration has not worked before;
  • Investment in relationships or process improvement, so that foundations have been laid for future joint working.


Commercial Award

Recognising exemplary commercial skill and sound business judgement in delivering an exceptional outcome, with value for money for government.  We will be looking for excellence in one or more of these fields:


  • Strategic management of supplier relationships;
  • Nominees who procure goods and services effectively and cost-effectively, securing the best commercial terms for government;
  • Contract management that focuses on what really matters;
  • High-quality management information, analysis or guidance that has led to more effective commercial decision-making at greater value for money;
  • First-class commercial risk management.

Communication & Engagement Award

Recognising highly effective communications activity with significant positive outcomes.  Nominations could describe a communications campaign, a consultation, or a different engagement activity. We will be looking for:


  • Clarity of strategy and planning.
  • Defined objectives that were reached or exceeded.
  • Innovative and appropriate channels of communication, use of research and audience insight to underpin the communication activity.
  • Successful engagement with the target audience.


Developing People Award

Recognising excellence across all areas of learning, skills development, strengthening capability, and talent management.  We will be looking for:


  • Best-in-class professional practice
  • A real understanding of what the nominee's department, agency or unit needs to succeed
  • Work that reflects and advances the ambition behind "A Brilliant Civil Service"
  • A strong and demonstrable attachment to diversity and inclusion.


Digital Award

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Recognising excellence in the application of digital technology to solve a problem or make things better; and celebrating people whose commitment to technological improvements reach measurable outcomes.  We will be looking for:


  • Innovative policy-making and delivery, using digital tools to engage citizens to take measurable action;
  • Changing working processes to bring about real benefits to users or increase efficiency of services;
  • The effective delivery of a digitally-focused campaign, product or service that engage users through clear, integrated communications

Diversity & Inclusion Award

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A winner of winners from the Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Awards; an award that recognises real achievement and success at all levels of the Civil Service.

More infromation on the Diversity & INclusion awrads can be found here. 

Health & Well Being Award

Recognising people who have made a highly effective contribution to promoting or improving health and wellbeing within the Civil Service.  We will be looking for:


  • Successful interventions to improve health and wellbeing with a positive and quantifiable outcome;
  • Innovative approaches to promoting or measuring positive mental or physical wellbeing;
  • Nominees who create a great place to work and inspire others to do the same.

Innovation & Science Award

Recognising the outstanding advancement or application of science or innovation to improve policy, service delivery or public administration.  We will be looking for:


  • Nominees who have challenged the status quo, or who have taken measured risks to improve outcomes.
  • Nominees who have learned from failure as well as from success.
  • Work that has inspired others, or has the potential to do so.


Inspirational Leadership Award

Recognising individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, regardless of grade or role.   We will be looking for:


  • Nominees who inspire others.
  • An inclusive, confident and engaging approach.
  • Strong evidence that the nominee's leadership is linked to improved performance by their organisation.


Policy & Use of Evidence Award

Recognising excellence in policy-making.  We will be looking for:


  • Work that places robust evidence or data at the heart of the decision-making process;
  • Nominees who have used a range of inputs, who have been open and who have engaged effectively with stakeholders, while managing the political context;
  • The development of policy with implementation, delivery and user need in mind from the outset.

Project Delivery Award

Recognising outstanding contributions to the successful delivery of government projects.   We will be looking for:


  • First class project management, to create an effective transition from policy making to execution;
  • Sound measurement of performance and outcomes, while being comfortable with different methodologies (eg "waterfall" and "agile");
  • Lasting and valuable outcomes for society;
  • Visible project leadership through building high performing, diverse teams and ensuring project capability and leading activity to drive innovation.


Public Service

Recognising exceptional service delivery. We will be looking for:


  • Nominees who have given outstanding service to improve outcomes for customers, citizens, service users or clients;
  • Understanding and positively responding to complex needs and challenging circumstances;
  • Professionalism, a commitment to value for money and continuous improvement, and the sharing of good practice and learning.

Resilience & Rapid Response Award

Recognising excellence in crisis management, contingency planning, or major incident response.  We will be looking for:


  • Strong collaborative behaviours
  • Adherence to values despite strain or tension
  • Response to challenging situations that boosts the morale of others as well as producing successful outcomes.

Rising Star Award

Recognising a civil servant who has made a significant impact within the first 8 years of their Civil Service career.  We will be looking for:


  • Nominees who embody the values of the Civil Service;
  • Nominees who have demonstrated both potential to succeed, and substantial  achievement;
  • Nominees who have inspired others.