Zoe Taylor | Civil Service Awards 2021 | Prestigious cross-government programme to recognise the wealth of inspirational individuals

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Zoe Taylor

Ministry of Defence

Zoe Taylor only recently joined the Civil Service from the private sector, but as a service veteran herself, she has already demonstrated a highly effective contribution to the veteran community within the Civil Service. Zoe is determined to build an understanding of what veterans have to offer, and how they can be best supported throughout their Civil Service careers. Zoe’s focus is on mental wellbeing and she is sought out as a specialist in her field, including speaking at Civil Service Live, and delivering regular ‘keeping the balance’ workshops, across Civil Service which focuses on practical tools and techniques for good mental wellbeing. Furthermore, Zoe founded and runs Bravo Uniform, a Veteran’s CIO (community interest organisation) which operates as a charity as a volunteer, staffed by volunteer therapists helping veterans and serving personnel with mental health challenges including PTSD.