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Suzanne Smith

CSA19-Suzanne Smith

Prior to joining DBS, and after years of research and travel looking into how to prevent abusive head trauma in infants, Sue designed a programme called ICON: Babies Cry, You Can Cope. This programme is a multi-disciplinary intervention that can be easily integrated within health service delivery. It helps parents and carers of babies understand that crying is normal and increases between certain ages, then decreases again in the normal crying curve. It is known that crying is the trigger for babies being shaken.

ICON stands for: Infant crying is normal, Comfort methods may work, its Okay to walk away if the baby is safe and the crying is getting to you, Never ever shake or hurt a baby.

Sue has driven this programme as a volunteer using her annual leave and special leave. It is now in place across Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Lancashire with more places lined up to adopt the programme. Sue works tirelessly at promoting this programme and involves parents affected by AHT in the design of all the materials, website and social media. Sue is helping protect babies from AHT and making a difference to all families faced with the challenge of a crying baby.