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Midlands Intake Unit

Midlands Intake Unit

For those wishing to seek asylum within the UK, policy provides one location (Croydon) regardless of the customer’s whereabouts.

When this responsibility was initially transferred to UKVI at short notice, the National Asylum Intake Unit (NAIU) provided remote screening options from Solihull. Appointments were offered fortnightly, with a three- to four-month waiting period, creating a backlog for appointments, with the typical appointment lasting four to five hours. In August 2018, NAIU allocated responsibility for this service to its Midlands Intake Unit (MIU). Following a process review, MIU introduced customer service improvements that have seen appointments offered within seven days, removing the backlog, with the typical appointment lasting one hour.

Responding to feedback, MIU has introduced monthly appointments in Leeds and, utilising video conferencing, will soon be offering appointments in Cardiff. From May 2019, to prevent children encountered by police from attending a custody suite, MIU worked alongside Children’s Services to provide an avenue to asylum registration.