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Digital Customer Service - HM Passport Office

Digital Customer Service - HM Passport Office

Digital Customer Service (DCS) is the customer-focused way for British citizens to apply for a passport, with nearly five million applications now received. Replacing the complex, multi-section paper form and the accompanying 27-page guidance note, DCS is designed around users’ needs to make application easier, quicker and more accurate.

Process changes allow wholly-online applications with users signing their passport after receipt, removing the need to collect and complete a form or print one at home. DCS guides users through a simple process, asking only the questions relevant to the application. By enabling users to upload their own photographs, DCS removes another potential delay to the application process, and online identity verification makes it much easier for someone to confirm who you are.

On average, applications take less than 10 minutes to complete and user satisfaction rates regularly top 95%. Users can track their applications online and receive notifications by SMS or email at every stage. Because DCS helps HMPO to deliver processing savings, digital applications are £9.50 cheaper than paper ones. DCS was developed in-house by an HMPO-led team and continues to develop iteratively with a roadmap of change prioritised by data from the service and user feedback.