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Cross Government Menopause Working Group

Cross Government Menopause Working Group

The Cross Government Menopause Working Group (CGMWG) was established in 2017, responding to the lack of both consistent, good quality support available for women experiencing menopausal symptoms across the Civil Service, and advice for line managers to support health and wellbeing requirements on this issue.

The representation rate for women in the Civil Service is over 53%, however the Civil Service has an ageing workforce meaning that nearly eight out of 10 women are in the likely age bracket for experiencing menopause in the workplace. Symptoms can last around four to 12 years, with many women saying it has a negative impact on them at work, particularly concerning performance.

CGMWG is a well-established group with around 40 members reaching across around 30 cross-Government departments and agencies. Its objective is to share good practice to support the facilitation of difficult discussions with managers and their peers, on this still very much stigmatised subject. The group has sponsorship and endorsement by senior champions, enabling them to dynamically work across boundaries and geographical locations, elevating the Civil Service as ‘exemplar’ and leading the way on being a menopause-friendly employer.