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Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre Blue Watch

Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre Blue Watch

Blue Watch ARCC (Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre) HMCG responded to three incidents during 2018-2019: a 130-person evacuation operation from the Brent Charlie oil rig due to a loss of power and an approaching storm; support and information to HM Coastguard and the crew of cargo vessel Grade Tema in regaining control of the vessel from armed stowaways whilst in UK waters; and searching for a light aircraft that went missing over the English Channel, Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala among its passengers.

These operations demonstrate the value of UK ARCC Blue Watch’s frequent collaboration with agencies such as the Police, the MOD, the Home Office, Border Force, HMCG (Maritime) and others. Their activities are often high-pressure and time-sensitive and require coordinating numerous groups towards a shared goal.