Tuberculosis Reactor Removal Retender Working Group

TB Reactor Removal Retender Working Group

Animal and Plant Health Agency |

The Tuberculosis (TB) Reactor Removal Retender Working Group was assembled with multi-disciplinary representatives from nine different teams across APHA to review and retender the previous Framework which was universally agreed as being not fit-for-purpose and a significant delivery and resilience risk by APHA, Defra Policy, industry partners and our suppliers. The working group convened in January 2017 and began an extensive review to overhaul the TB reactor removal system and operational delivery. This review process involved significant engagement activity with Defra and Welsh Government policy teams, the FSA,TB eradication groups across the country, veterinary industry groups and our supplier network, all of whom provided their unequivocal support to the working group’s final proposals for the new tender.

A new Framework was successfully tendered and implemented from 4th December 2017 and is now being effectively managed by a network of supplier liaison officers within APHA, realising significant commercial and operational benefit.