Suffrage Centenary Volunteer Team

The Suffrage Centenary Volunteer Team - Gender Equality Award

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In a campaign which spans a year, but looking much further into the future regarding gender equality, the current reach of the Suffrage Centenary Volunteer Team has already exceeded expectations.

They have:
• Developed a newsletter to reach over 700
• Attended over 450 conferences
• The UK Suffrage flag has visited over 37
locations, and the Global Suffrage Flag has
travelled to over 23 locations world wide.

Due to the hard work of the team, Due to the hard work of the team, Wilton Park have pledged for gender parity at their conferences, the Environment Agency continue
to organise joint events with their local crossgovernment women’s network partners, the pensions regulator are talking about how they can address the gender pay gap and looking out to their local community. These are just a few of the many great outcomes in the journey towards gender equality.