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Addressing the legacy of Northern Ireland’s past is one of the most important, complex, and politically sensitive, issues facing the UK Government. It is of direct importance in maintaining relationships between the UK, the Irish Government and the political parties in Northern Ireland. These are also critical to achieving EU Exit objectives and maintaining the Government’s Confidence & Supply arrangement with the DUP. Progress in this area is also critical to supporting victims and survivors of the Troubles and enabling communities to move forward. In 2014 Stormont House Agreement reached a broad consensus on the creation of institutions to address the past, taking these  recommendations forward has been beset by complexity and political difficulties, compounded by the ongoing political impasse in NI. There are diverse, opposing, and very deeply  embedded views across all those impacted by the Troubles, and the issue, and how it should be addressed, is perceived very differently across NI, and in GB. Publication in May 2018, of a formal consultation and draft bill was a huge achievement.