Kate Abbott

Kate Abbott - Cabinet Secretary Award

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government |

“Before Kate started this work, there was notgenerally a high level of awareness of mental health issues across the department. Now so many more people are aware of these conditions and thinking about how they can build an inclusive environment. Kate has been vital in breaking down the stigma of mental health in the department and making it a much more supportive environment.” – MHCLG staff member

“Kate has not only initiated it all, but at the same time is herself a mental health ambassador,personally replying to emails and helps others despite all the other things that she’s moving forward. She is a role model for many in the department.” – MHCLG staff and Wellbeing Champion

“I found the Mental Health training course that Kate ran incredibly useful. Her enthusiasm has not only inspired me to become a Mental Health Ambassador but has given me additional confidence to be able to offer support outside of the workplace.” – MHCLG staff and Mental Health Ambassador

“Kate has inspired so many people in the department – including myself – to take mental health at work seriously. There has been a real change in the mood within MHCLG in recent years, and I think Kate has had a huge part to play in that.” – MHCLG Wellbeing Network