GOV.UK Notify team

Gov.UK team - operational excellence Award

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GOV.UK Notify is a great example of a small diverse team of civil servants challenging established ways of doing things, to rapidly deliver a product benefitting millions of people, whilst saving taxpayers millions.

Notify is a simple, self-service platform for sending text messages, emails, and letters at a fraction of the traditional cost. It makes it easy for service teams to instantly communicate with their users, reducing anxiety and avoidable contact, which frees teams up to focus on their users.

Notify can be used standalone by teams with little or no digital capability, or can be rapidly integrated with existing back office systems using integration code supplied by Notify.

There are already more than 300 service teams sending messages using Notify from over 100 public sector organisations right across the UK.

In the next 5 years it’s projected that Notify will save the UK public sector over £120m.
Other governments around the world have even starting using the Notify open source code to deliver their own notifications platforms.

“Notify is genuinely transformative for our public sector. It takes something complex and does the hard work to make it simple and accessible for everyone.”

Liam Maxwell, National Technology Adviser, DCMS