EU Exit Agriculture Legislation Team

EU exit agriculture legislation team

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs |

This nomination is for the policy and legal teams which have handled the huge challenge of delivering a working statute book for agriculture for day 1 of the UK’s exit from the EU. The teams are responsible for going through, with fine tooth combs, the thousands of pages of EU legislation that applies to agriculture, and finding “fixes” to make that legislation operable once we’ve left the EU. The size of the challenge has been enormous. From scoping the work out the outset – auditing decades’ worth of EU legislation and establishing what we needed to do with which parts of existing statute – to standing up teams, recruiting and training people entirely new to the Civil Service and delivering huge amounts of complex policy analysis and development to make the necessary changes to the Withdrawal Act. We are still only part way through the challenge. But this nomination is to recognise the great progress that has been made over such a short period by a relatively small team. The collaborative approach, the pace, professionalism and pride every day in delivering against an enormous and ever moving challenge really has demonstrated the very best the Civil Service has to offer.