Commercial Team, People and Locations Programme

Commercial Award - Commercial team people and locations programme

Department for Work and Pensions |

The People and Locations Programme was a pioneering Programme that simultaneously exited a 20-year PFI contract; delivered over 650 new leases and six commercial contracts; delivering fundamental changes to the DWP Estate. The Programme will generate savings of £1.4bn to the exchequer, yet the service to society’s most vulnerable people was neither disrupted nor compromised. The commercial part of the Programme was led by Irene Masterton. Irene developed and introduced a new, innovative yet commercially advantageous Estates Target Operating Model. Working closely with stakeholders to develop the strategy, she procured new suppliers and managed the new model transition. The challenge of moving from a single PFI supplier to an integrated management supplier chain with an overarching management contract was both complex and complicated. That it was delivered to time with no major operational issues at the contract cut-over is testament to the diligence of the team.