Catherine Ramsay

Volunteering Award- Catherine Ramsay

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Catherine has offered an excellent level of support in her role as Autism Champion. Catherine was responsible for suggesting and establishing the Autism Buddy Support Group for staff. The group provides staff with the opportunity to be able to talk to each other informally in a confidential and non-judgemental atmosphere and the group has the support of all Senior Managers across Liverpool estate. The group also has staff members from other government departments attending including DWP and HMRC and Catherine co-hosts the group each month and has provided support and advice to people on the spectrum themselves, parents and managers alike. Catherine has offered advice on different methods of support that are available to carers in addition to increasing general awareness. Feedback from attendees has been positive and many parents have said that meeting Catherine and seeing how Catherine has succeeded in gaining employment and living independently, has given them hope for their own children.